Meth Lab Decontamination and Testing

Beware of the potential hazards of contamination once HAZMAT teams have removed all of the immediate dangers such as glassware and other “tools of the trade” used in the production of the drug. Residual contamination and staining from the production process is left behind for the next unsuspecting inhabitants. This poses serious health risks since residual contamination usually occurs on the same surfaces that you prepare meals on.  Contact us for help.

BCS Restoration’s team of certified specialists trained in meth lab decontamination and testing will come to your home or facility, and do a thorough investigation to determine the presence and severity of contamination.

  • We work closely with local police departments and HAZMAT teams to obtain police reports and documents that aid in our investigation of the property.
  • Our inspector gathers test samples and sends them to be analyzed by an accredited meth testing laboratory before any meth lab decontamination work is proposed or begun.
  • Upon confirmation of contamination, we provide a step by step remediation protocol report.
  • The remediation process is then strictly followed.
  • After meth lab decontamination is complete, a third party will do meth lab testing to ensure that proper decontamination has taken place.
  • The affected surfaces are coated with a powerful sealant to provide additional protection  once decontamination is verified.


The cost for meth lab testing is based upon the number of samples taken and completion of the inspection  report. The report fee includes final report documents and findings, material safety data sheets, all police reports, and any recommended remediation protocol established by your state.



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